Ocean Cleanup 3D

The Ocean Cleanup 3D game is created from scratch where we save the life of ocean animals. In this Ocean Game, you will clean off the ocean of plastic waste, oil spills, and other waste particles.

The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth's surface and is home to countless species of marine life. Over the years, pollution has severely impacted the health of our oceans. Do you think the ocean deserves what we give it to them? It's time we bring to everyone's notice that we should think about our oceans if we want the world to survive! Let's start by cleaning it up and making it as it should be! The Ocean Cleanup 3D is a single-player game built for Android and IOS mobile phone and tablet devices. It revolves around the single player taking on the role of a diver whose mission is to clean up of ocean. Our team builds Unity and handled all stages of the game part production, starting from the concept art, design, animation, and mechanics prototyping to development, QA, and integration with the gaming platform backend. Games Studio team provided us with the backend documentation which was used by our technical team to sync the game with the entire ecosystem.

Technology Side

The breakdown of works performed by our team includes:
● UI and icons design;
● Unity development;
● Concept art & Art Direction
● Graphics design and Illustration
● Unity development & Backend integration
● Unity animation of assets and UI
● QA
● Project Management.
● Game deployment
● Gameplay logic development (get rewards and points)
● Maps and Directions

Fun, the free game you can play for the cause of eliminating seas pollution.
You must try to play it

Technology stack

  • Unity Game Engine
  • Various 3D tools
  • Various animations tools

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