1 Ball Snooker

Games Studio presents the multiplayer mobile game 1 Ball Snooker, which is fully designed from scratch. It has real physics-based movements of balls, a 3D environment, and perfect camera angles for game lovers.

Our team handled the full cycle of mobile game development for 1 Ball Snooker. We covered all stages, starting from concept art and prototyping, to design, animation, development, QA, release support, and design from scratch.

"1 Ball Snooker" is a multiplayer game that includes:
● There are two modes: practise mode and multiplayer mode.
● Awesome and bright graphics for gameplay with realistic sound
● This game requires an internet connection.

Practise Mode:
● Choose practise mode and play with AI (the computer player).
● This mode helps you to improve your skills.
● AI is very strong, so play with all of your skills.

Multiplayer Mode:
● Choose the multiplayer mode and play with friends.
● Challenge friends anytime, anywhere, and show off your skills.
● In multiplayer mode, you’re always facing a challenge from your opponents.

Technology Side

The breakdown of work performed by our team includes:

● Gameplay logic development
● Unity development and backend integration
● Unity animation of assets and QA
● UI and icon design
● Unity development and project management
● Concept art and art direction
● Graphics design and illustration

If you are a snooker lover, then play and learn our game strategy. It's a fun game;
You can play it and enjoy it.

Technology stack

  • Unity Game Engine
  • Various 3D tools
  • Various animations tools

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