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Maintaining a casual aesthetic draws viewers in with its modern and eye-catching appearance.

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Casual games attract millions of players since they need minimal talent or time investment to play. Even with straightforward gameplay and uncomplicated graphics, it might be difficult to make a successful casual game. Our producers, illustrators, and developers have made many of these games and are aware of the strategies needed to make your game prominent. With a solid command of balance, anatomy, color combinations, viewpoint, lighting, scene, character, and graphic design, Games Studio 's professionals have a deep enthusiasm for creating cool 2D casual art.

Charactor Design

Illustraion Design

Steps of casual design

By getting in touch with us, you may obtain a comprehensive approach to making a game illustration, from coming up with an idea to receiving a final art piece in the format you desire, ready for distribution to the necessary platforms.

The research stage involves gaining a fundamental understanding of the target market, platforms, and other specifics of the game that is to be developed. This is a stage of preparation or data collection before beginning the development.

The key to each piece of art is having a solid grasp of the overarching notion and each game's core concept. In addition, concepts that are directly developed at this level by Games Studio ’s professionals make up a game.

Our 2D team lead employs artistic imagination while working under the direction of an art director to deliver a high-end product. He or she effectively manages the 2D art team throughout the whole production process to deliver cutting-edge visual effects.

From 3D idea development to sophisticated 3D art projects, we offer an entire range of bespoke 3D art services. At this stage, we provide the option to engage 3D designers from our team for projects of any intricacy since we constantly work to produce art of the highest caliber that translates the client's thoughts.
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